What happened when you call 911

What to Do While Waiting

Follow any instructions the 911 dispatcher has for you. Remember not to hang up. The ambulance can be on the way long before the dispatcher is finished asking you questions or giving you instructions.

Before the first firefighter or paramedic walks in your door, make sure you have everything you need. Gather your medical information. Do you have any chronic illnesses, especially related to your heart, lungs, brain, or blood pressure? Do you take medications? Do you have any allergies to medications?

Write all of this down… today. Don’t wait until you have to call an ambulance to get ready. Put all of this information on one page of paper so you can quickly provide your medical history to the caregivers who arrive.

Do you have pets? If they will try to attack the paramedics or try to escape when the front door is opened, lock them up if you can. If you can’t secure them, tell the dispatcher before the emergency crews arrive. Dealing with a chaotic pet can distract the paramedics from your medical care or put extra stress on you.

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