4. Free Stock Charts

What to look for in stock chart software

Wondering how any charting software can help you find winning stocks? Charts are the portal to the markets for day traders. Thanks to the many features available with stock charts, traders have access to a lot of market information.

When looking for stock chart software, here is what you should consider:

  • Lines – can the stock chart software support vertical, horizontal and trend lines? Lines are important when it comes to analysis. For starters, they help you to identify support and resistant levels. They also help you to recognize trends.
  • Symbols – the best stock chart software should have a good library that enables you to load images as symbols. It should also allow you to mark signals with symbols such as exit long, buy, exit short and sell.
  • Line studies – good software should provide pre-built support for line studies. They include Gann Fans, quadrant lines, Speed lines, Raff Regression, and Tirone levels.
  • Different shapes – drawing tools such as shapes, rectangles and ellipses allow you to highlight specific price action.

Other factors to consider include easy to use interface, support for technical indicators, support for different chart layouts, color, fonts, and Fibonacci studies.

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