What happened when you call 911

When the Emergency Is Not Medical

Medical emergencies are only one kind of 911 call. Police and firefighters respond to plenty of other types of calls for help. How you behave in those situations depends entirely on what it is. There are too many different examples to go through every possibility here, but you can plan for a couple of common emergencies.

Active shooter emergencies are violent attacks usually carried out by lone gunmen against unarmed groups of people in a public location. The way to respond to these incidents is to run if you can, hide if you can’t, and fight if you have no other choice. Call 911 when you get the chance, but get yourself to safety first.

Fires can build much faster than you might realize. Even a small fire will grow to engulf an entire room in under two minutes. Get out of the building before you call 911. It could seem as if you have time, but you don’t.

Plenty of other emergencies are worthy of a call to 911. In every case, follow the instructions of the 911 dispatcher. They are your lifeline.

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