What to do if I step up on a nail ?

When to See a Healthcare Provider

Sometimes a puncture wound caused by a nail needs medical attention right away. If any of the following are true, call your healthcare provider immediately:

  • The puncture wound is large or deep, even if it’s not bleeding a lot.
  • The nail that caused the puncture wound is rusty.
  • The nail is stuck in your foot (do not remove it yourself).
  • The wound looks infected, such as warmth and redness, swelling, a red streak, or pus in the area.
  • You haven’t had a tetanus shot or booster in the last 10 years.
  • You are immunocompromised.

If either of the following applies, call 911:

  • You have lost feeling in the injured foot.
  • The bleeding is severe and won’t stop (for example, if it’s still bleeding after applying pressure for 10 minutes).

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