Brown Recluse Spider bites

When to See a Healthcare Provider

It’s normal for any bug bite to leave a little redness and swelling around the bite site. It’s also normal for there to be some pain and itching.

If those are your only symptoms and they don’t get worse, you don’t need to see your healthcare provider. You should still watch the wound closely to make sure nothing changes in the hours or days after you are bitten, though.

Consult with a healthcare provider if the wound worsens or any of the following apply:

  • The spider bite is on your face
  • Your pain increases or is severe
  • Redness spreads out from the wound
  • Red or dark streaks extend from the wound
  • A sore, boil, or ulcer forms at the bite site
  • Pus or cloudy drainage oozes from the wound

In the case of a boil or ulcer, a healthcare provider may take a swab sample and culture it to test for bacteria. This will help them determine whether the wound is a spider bite or not.

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