Causes of Carbon monoxide

When to See a Healthcare Provider

Carbon monoxide poisoning is very serious and always warrants a trip to see the healthcare provider. The carbon monoxide gets stuck in the bloodstream, and it takes up to several hours to remove it.

When you see the healthcare provider, note that history is more important than symptoms. The most important way to recognize carbon monoxide poisoning is by recognizing the danger signs of behaviors leading up to the moment that symptoms started appearing.

Faulty stoves, fireplaces, or wood-burning appliances are usually to blame for carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. Cars and trucks are common culprits in the business setting, as well as various other sources of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Your healthcare provider may ask you to describe how long the symptoms took to become bad enough to seek help. What was going on during that time? Is it cool weather and some of the family had decided to start the barbecue under the patio? This information can help confirm that your symptoms are truly caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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