9. Akbar - Birbal Stories

Who Is the King

Once Birbal was sent as an ambassador to another kingdom. The King of that kingdom had also heard stories about Birbal’s sharp intellect and wanted to test the same. The King made all his ministers dress up like him, and they all sat in a line to test Birbal. When Birbal entered the courtroom, he was amazed to see everyone dressed in the same clothes and sitting on a similar kind of throne. Perplexed, Birbal took a moment to observe everyone and then went up to one of them and bowed in front of him. It was the King himself, who then was surprised beyond words. He stood up and hugged Birbal and also asked him how he could guess so. Birbal smiled and answered, “My lord, the kind of confidence you exuded, no one else did, and they also kept looking at you for approval”. The King felt amused and praised Birbal for his unmatched intellect and presence of mind.


Intelligent people can comprehend a great deal through observation.

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