9. Akbar - Birbal Stories

Who’s Mango Tree is It?

Once, two brothers, Ram and Sham, were fighting over the ownership of a Mango Tree. Ram said the Mango tree was his; while Sham said he owned it. Unable to find a way out, they decided to ask Birbal for help. Birbal analysed the situation and told the brothers to remove all the mangoes, share them between the two brothers, then cut the tree in two equal halves. Upon hearing Birbal, Ram noded, while Sham pled not to cut the tree for he had nurtured it for three whole years. Birbal found who the real owner of the tree was. He said, “The tree belongs to Sham because the very thought of cutting it down troubled him. Someone who has cared for it for three years won’t cut it down immediately.”


True ownership comes with responsibilities.

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