13. Horror Stories

Who’s the Boss?

A young girl went to a summer camp during her school vacation. This girl was extremely bossy and hence was an unpopular figure amongst the other students. Tired of her selfish nature, the students complained to the organisers and asked them to move the girl to another cabin. No one knew that the cabin that girl was moved into, was a haunted one. Just before going to sleep, the girl scribbled on the wall “I am the Boss”. As the lights were switched off, the girl felt a pair of hands creep up to her neck and slowly strangled her.

The next day when the organisers came looking for her, they found her dead. Just above the earlier scribbling were written the ominous words “No, I am the Boss”.

How to Tell: Keep your audience interested in what happens next by narrating the girl’s night in the cabin in a slow and deliberate manner.

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