1. Data Science Tutorial for Beginners

Why Data Science?

So, after knowing what exactly Data Science is, you must explore why Data Science is important. So, data has become the fuel of industries. It is the new electricity. Companies require data to function, grow and improve their businesses.

Data Scientists deal with the data in order to assist companies in making proper decisions. The data-driven approach undertaken by the companies with the help of Data Scientists who analyze a large amount of data to derive meaningful insights.

These insights will be helpful for the companies who wish to analyze themselves and their performance in the market. Other than commercial industries, healthcare industries also use Data Science.

Where the technology is in huge demand to recognize microscopic tumors and deformities at an early stage of diagnosis.

The number of roles for Data Scientists has grown by 650% since 2012. About 11.5 Million jobs will be created by 2026 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Also, the job of Data Scientist ranks among top emerging jobs on Linkedin. All the statistics point towards the growing demand for Data Scientists.

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