2. Temperature, heat and pressure

Why Do We Feel Cold and Hot?

The sensation of cold or heat that a person feels according to a combination of meteorological parameters is called thermal sensation.

The physiological sensation is generated when there is an exchange of thermal energy between body temperature and other bodies.

If we touch an object at a lower temperature, the heat flows from our body to the item, and then, we feel cold. Otherwise, if we touch an object at higher temperatures, the heat flows in the opposite direction, and we feel hot.

Relationship between temperature and thermodynamics

It is one of the main properties studied in a thermodynamic system. In thermodynamics, differences in thermals between different regions of matter are incredibly significant. These differences allow the movement of heat from one part to another.

What is the temperature definition? Scales and units

Heat flows only from hot regions to cold regions. The second law of thermodynamics establishes this in Clausius’s statement. Two objects at the same temperature do not transfer heat.

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