4. Driving Safety

Why Parents Are So Important in Teen Driver Safety

Crash risk is low during the learner phase when all teen driving is supervised. Crash risk quickly increases for all teens when they move on to unsupervised driving. The first months of driving independently (a Level 2 license) are the most dangerous for every new driver.

How Parents Help Teens Drive Safely

During the Learner phase:

  • Supervise teen’s practice driving and provide important coaching and instruction

During the Level 2 license (independent driving):

  • Use a parent-teen driving agreement to set privileges that give teens experience in less risky driving conditions
  • Continue to monitor their teen’s unsupervised driving, including the conditions they drive in and how they are driving
  • Make opportunities to ride with their teens to continue giving them supervised practice in riskier conditions
  • Frequently emphasize that their teens follow all traffic laws and the terms of their driving agreement
  • Evaluate their teen’s driving and adjust their teen’s driving privileges as they gain more experience

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