Why scabs itch and you shouldn't scratch

Why Scabs Itch

Itching occurs as a normal part of healing. However, the reason the itch develops isn’t completely understood.

One study from 2016 suggests that the same mechanisms at work with eczema itchiness are involved in itching during wound healing.

Additionally, itching that occurs during wound healing might be the result of poorly translated nerve signals. The nerves under your skin transmit information to your brain, but they’re not always good at passing along the message in a comprehensive way. 

Your brain might receive a signal that your skin is regenerating via collagen synthesis, but that information is translated as an itching sensation. And so, what you feel is that itching sensation. 

While some experts believe histamines, which are released by the body to help with wound healing, may contribute to itching, research suggests that their effect may be minimal.

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