Why scabs itch and you shouldn't scratch

Why You Shouldn’t Scratch

Scratching an itch feels great. It’s so satisfying, in fact, that people tend to scratch even when they really shouldn’t. Scratching an itchy wound that is in the process of healing, however, can cause scarring and prolong healing if you open the wound back up again.

You might even introduce bacteria, causing an infection to develop.

Wound Healing Tips

When you get a minor cut, scrape, or burn, it’s essential to properly take care of the wound. Proper care ensures the wound heals without complications and lessens your chances of getting a scar. For a minor wound:

  • Clean the area with gentle soap and water to remove debris and bacteria
  • Bandage the area to prevent contamination 
  • Avoid scratching during the healing process 

If your wound is deep, very large, or doesn’t seem to be healing, see a healthcare provider. Some wounds require stitches. An injury that’s infected may require antibiotic treatment.

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