9. Akbar - Birbal Stories

Wise Birbal

Once upon a time, King Akbar lost a ring that was very precious to him. This ring was a gift from his father and losing it made the king very sad. Akbar summoned Birbal and requested him to find the ring. The court was full of courtiers. Birbal announced, “My great king, the ring is right here in the courtroom, and the one who has the ring has a straw stuck in his beard.” Everyone started looking at each other, and one of the courtiers started touching his beard to find the straw. Birbal called the guards and asked them to search the suspect. On searching the suspect, the ring was retrieved. Akbar was amazed at how Birbal managed to find the ring. Birbal said, “My King, the one who is guilty will always feel scared”.


The guilty conscience needs no accusation.

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