4. Benefits of Cryptography

You Can Use It Across a Variety of Devices

One of the top advantages of modern encryption technology is that you can apply it to all or most of the tech devices you use. Data on an iPhone gets encrypted by default as long as you lock it with a password or the Touch ID feature. On an Android phone, it’s easy to walk through an encryption process within the Security menu of the Settings section. Some Android devices also have encryption enabled when you purchase them.

There are free and paid options for encrypting your computer, too. Depending on your needs, companies offer full hard disk or file-based encryption. Also, don’t overlook the choices available for encrypting the content on an SD card or thumb drive. Since some many possibilities exist for people who want to encrypt their data, it’s worth at least researching to see which methods are most appropriate for you. Internet traffic should also be encrypted. Most secure VPN providers always use the with 256-bit encryption protocol.

Multi-device encryption is also becoming more important as SMS marketing becomes more prevalent. A study by Grandview Research estimates that the market for SMS marketing is growing by 20.5% a year from 2019 to 2025. A growing number of companies are using text messages to reach their customers.

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