2. Job Role, Skills, and Salary of Data Scientist vs Data Analyst vs Data Engineer:

Your Responsibilities

Data Scientist

The responsibilities you have to shoulder as a data scientist includes:

  • Manage, mine, and clean unstructured data to prepare it for practical use. 
  • Develop models that can operate on Big Data
  • Understand and interpret Big Data analysis
  • Take charge of the data team and help them towards their respective goals
  • Deliver results that have an  impact on business outcomes

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you will have to assume specific responsibilities, including:

  • Collecting information from a database with the help of query
  • Enable data processing and summarize results
  • Use basic algorithms in their work like logistic regression, linear regression and so on
  • Possess and display deep expertise in data munging, data visualization, exploratory data analysis and statistics

Data Engineers

Your responsibilities in this role are:

  • Data Mining for getting insights from data
  • Conversion of erroneous data into a useable form for data analysis
  • Writing queries on data
  • Maintenance of the data design and architecture
  • Develop large data warehouses with the help of extra transform load (ETL)

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